Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?
7am – 4pm Monday through Friday

Can you give me directions?
From Phoenix take I 10 west to Avondale Blvd. Exit and head south (approximately 2.5 miles) to Lower Buckeye. Turn right or west on Lower Buckeye (approximately 1.5 miles) to 127th Avenue. You will see the “Lakin Milling” sign. Turn left (south) on 127th Avenue (approximately 1 mile) and you’ll see the Mill and office on your right.

Can you tell me what rations I should feed my horse?
The needs of a horse may change throughout their lives, please visit our Interactive Ration Consultant software to learn what combination of feed is best for your horse’s current specific needs.

Can you give me basic feeding advice?
Each horse has unique feed needs. It’s best if you visit our products page and read the benefits that each of our products offer. You can also click on our ration consultant software or visit KER’s library which contains numerous articles on equine nutrition and overall care.

What type of payment do you accept?
We are happy to accept checks or cash. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

Do I need to feed hay and/or grain along with your pellets?
No, all of our pellets are formulated to be complete feeds. There is no need to add costly supplements or messy hay to your horse’s daily diet (except for therapeutic reasons). All of our feeds have vitamins and minerals added.

Do you produce feed for any other types of animals?
We specialize in horse feed, but our products may be fed to other herbivores.

Is your feed made in advance and kept in storage?
We provide the freshest feed possible by making what we need to fill our daily orders. We attempt to keep a 3 day supply on hand.

What is the weight of your bags of feed?
All four of our products are available in 50 and 80 pound bags, except DynaFoal, which is only available in 80lb bags. All of our feed except DynaFoal are available in bulk.

Where do I purchase a bin if I want to start receiving bulk feed?
We sell both the bins and the bulk feed. Call us for a free site evaluation and we can get you started right away! See our Bulk Sales page for all of the details.

“We always buy our pellets directly from Lakin because the customer service is excellent, and the prices are always low and consistent! Lakin pellets are the way to feed!

Emily Metler

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