Why feed your horse Pellets vs. Hay?

Scientifically Balanced
With the help of internationally renowned KER equine research Inc. Lakin products are formulated using the latest technology available. There is no need to add costly supplements when feeding Lakin pellets.

Better Control
With pellets it is easier to control the accuracy of the ration you feed your horse. You will not see hay bellies on a pellet fed horse. Young horses can be put into show shape without excessive graining.

Higher Quality
With Lakin pellets you know you are feeding your horse the highest quality product available in the Southwest. Pelletizing tends to destroy or eliminate most weed seeds and mold spores due to the heat generated during compression. If you’re feeding hay or grain there’s the possibility that your horse is eating scraps of wire, sand, mold or rocks.

Less Colic and Founder
A horse can not eat his grain and supplements selectively when pelleted together. You can eliminate the chance of colic and founder by not having hay lying around.

More Economical
When feeding pellets there is no waste. Pellets fed in a proper container are completely consumed unlike hay that can get strewn around.

Pellets reduced the risk of fire – pellets can smolder but not flame.

Less Storage Space
Pellets take up less than ½ the space of baled hay.

Cleaner and More Convenient
Whether you buy it in bulk or bags – it’s quicker, easier and cleaner to handle. Pellets are nearly all digested therefore the horse passes very small quantities of manure.

Miraculous For Older Horses
The life of a horse used to be measured by the life of his teeth. The hay is considered “prechewed” when pelleted – a horse need only “gum” them down and they will be thoroughly digested therefore adding years to the life of your horse.

Easy Availability
Lakin’s horse pellet products are available at over 100 feed stores in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Visit our Store Locator to find a feed store near you.

“For the past 25 years, I’ve trusted Lakin to deliver a consistent, balanced and nutritionally complete feed to keep the horses entrusted to me sound and colic-free.”

Linda Colica
The Tucson Equestrian Center, Tucson Arizona

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