Lakin Milling Company pioneered high quality nutritionally complete pelleted horse feed in the Southwest, after Chuck Lakin introduced the concept in 1960.

Once horse owners understood the value of feeding Pellets vs. Hay in their stables, Lakin Milling was off and running. Lakin’s continued success is attributed to their very strict business ethics and their philosophy to only use the finest of raw materials to produce the highest quality and most scientifically advanced pelleted horse feed. In fact, they grow 10,000 tons of their own alfalfa and bermuda each year in order to maintain their strict level of quality control.

Lakin Pellet 1Highest Quality – and Nutritionally Complete
Using of the latest technology, Lakin Milling Company, in partnership with KER Equine Research Incorporated, formulated four scientifically balanced high quality horse feed products. KER research is developed by specialists who are internationally recognized for their knowledge and research in equine nutrition and exercise physiology. Lakin’s horse pellets are nutritionally complete – there is no need for costly supplements except for therapeutic reasons.

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Lakin’s pellets are available at over 100 feed stores in the Southwest. Check our Feed Store Locator to find a feed store close to you. You’ll find that Lakin spares no expense in continued research to insure that your horses are receiving exactly what they need to live a happy and healthy life.

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